Training Chairs

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Training chairs, also known as writing pad chairs, play a vital role in classrooms, boardrooms, and training environments. These chairs offer functionality and convenience, featuring an attached writing surface for tablet use or note-taking.

By utilising training seats instead of separate desks and chairs, you can optimize space in a training room. These wooden office chairs often come with an attached desk and a netting bottom for storing your belongings or resting your feet. At IISA Office Furniture, we present an extensive array of training chair collections at competitive prices.

Features of Our Training Chairs

Product Features Description
Durability Sturdy materials, reinforced frames, and legs ensure long-term durability.
Space Saving Design Storage and setup in training rooms are simplified by stackable or foldable choices and compact designs.
Versatile Configurations Several chair types are available, including nested, with or without armrests, and with or without tablet arms or writing surfaces.
Easy Maintenance Materials that are easy to clean and stain-resistant, as well as low-maintenance finishes.
Ergonomic Support Adjustable parts for tailored comfort, such as seat height and lumbar support, complement the supportive design.

Why Choose Us for Training Chairs?

  • Customised Training Chairs
  • Sturdy Materials
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Customer Satisfaction


Training chairs are used in sessions, workshops, meetings, and events to provide comfortable seating. They facilitate effective learning, collaboration, and flexible workstation arrangements in educational and professional settings.

The cost of training chairs varies significantly based on factors such as brand, style, materials, and features. At IISA Office Furniture, basic training chairs and advanced ergonomic options are priced between $50 and $500 per chair.