Vizzni-H16-C0114 Coffee Table



  • Dimension : 1400W x 700D x 450H
  • Material : MDF+Solid wood
  • Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks after deposit
  • Color : “Gray Maple Zero Brushed, Khaki Gray”
  • Packing: Overall packaging 5 layers strong export carton with polyfoam inside


1. Select high-quality solid wood particle board, strong nail holding power, low water expansion rate, free formaldehyde content reaches E1 level standard, the board must be professionally dried, and the collage is tight, smooth, free of cracks, indentations and scratches The edges and rounded corners are uniform

2. Schattdecor® imported melamine facing paper veneer, natural high-grade texture, anti-fouling, impact resistance, wear resistance, strong wear resistance, and has a certain flame retardant effect

3. The desktop is made of 25 solid wood particle board substrates, and the surrounding chamfers are treated, and the edge sealing adopts the five-bottom three-side paint edge sealing process, which is beautiful and exquisite

4. The platform is made of Shanghai Baosteel base material, which has been subjected to anti-rust treatment such as pickling and phosphorus washing, and the surface is sprayed

Additional information

Dimensions 1400 × 700 × 450 mm


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