Super Silence Booth

Super silence booth provides you a private and individual place to do your creative works.

Compared to open-plan office, silence booth can greatly improve your efficiency and suit your particular needs.

A mix of spaces, public and somewhat private, creative and artistic, help to spark inspiration and innovation.

Spaces with comfort and multi-function help to meet the needs of entertainment, relaxation, corporation, social and learning.



slience booth 3

A perfect booth for video conference and conversation.

slience booth 4

Creating a music environment for practicing while minimizing disturbance to others.

slience booth 11

A silence space helps students to spark inspiration.

slience booth 6

Reducing noises and making your leisure time more enjoyable.

slience booth 9

British phone boxes are being given new concept of silence space.

slience booth 8

A new experience in a ergonomic room for your fitness and learning.

slience booth 5

Silence booth combines acoustics and aesthetics for staying alone.

slience booth 10

A quiet space inside a public area,where giving you enough quietness.


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