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Efficiency and orderliness in your workspace depend on having adequate storage. An untidy office can quickly become unorganised when documents and paperwork accumulate, taking up precious time. That’s where office cabinets come in handy. Concealing your files and documents in these cabinets not only keeps your workspace clean and organised but also conveys a sense of professionalism to potential clients.

IISA Office Furniture offers an extensive selection of high-quality, durable office cabinets to meet your workplace storage requirements. Our office cabinets can complement any office space.

Our Office Cabinet Features

Product Features Description
Aesthetic Appeal Choose from a variety of stylish styles to match your office's decor.
Easy to Maintain Easy to clean and preserve with smooth surfaces and finishes.
Space Saving Solution Designs that save space for effective office space use.
Customization Customise the sizes, configurations, and finishes to meet the needs of your particular office.
Durability Built with materials to ensure enduring strength and dependability.

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An office cabinet is a structure designed for storing and organising essential files, papers, and documents. It’s a vital tool in any workplace, ensuring that information is easily accessible and well-organised.

Furniture encompasses movable items like sofas, tables, and chairs, primarily used for seating, resting, or decoration. Cabinet work, on the other hand, is centred on crafting cabinets—stationary storage units with doors, drawers, or shelves—often used for organisation, display, or storage of objects. Both involve woodworking, but cabinet work is more focused on providing storage solutions.

The capacity of a filing cabinet varies based on factors like its size, the thickness of the documents stored, and how they are arranged. A standard 4-drawer file cabinet, when fully loaded, can typically store approximately 12,000 to 16,000 letter-sized sheets, but this can vary.