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Elevate your meetings with our premium conference desk. Designed for style and functionality, our meeting desks foster collaboration and enhance productivity. Create a professional and inviting environment for successful discussions and presentations.

Upgrade Your Conference Room with IISA

The conference table conveys information about your company. Browse our category to find the type of table you need, whether it’s a discussion table, a meeting table, or a large conference table for a boardroom. IISA Office Furniture offers table customization for specific measurements and colours.

We offer a wide range of conference tables that provide you with a professional and inviting environment for your discussions, meetings and presentations. Explore now!

Browse our Range of Conference Tables

IISA Office Furniture has a diverse collection of high-quality conference tables. We combine both design and functionality to elevate your meeting spaces. Our conference tables come in various sizes, designs, and finishes, tailored to your unique requirements and preferences. Designed for longevity and aesthetics, our tables ensure that every meeting is both productive and impressive.

Features of Our Conference Tables

Product Features Description
Size Options Sizes vary and can be customized to match your needs.
Quality Construction Quality materials to ensure a strong and long-lasting design.
Cable Management Well-organized and clutter- free meeting rooms.
Integrated Power Seamless connectivity with outlets and USB ports.
Design Versatility Options that are stylish and customized to match your decor.
Configurable Shapes Shapes to suit various room layouts.

Why Should You Choose Us?

⦁ Quality Materials
⦁ Variety of Options
⦁ Friendly Service
⦁ Affordable Prices
⦁ Durability Assured


A conference table’s price can vary greatly based on aspects such as size, material, style, and brand. Basic models can start at about $300, while high-end, custom-built tables can cost thousands of dollars.

The minimum size of a conference table may vary depending on its intended use and the number of people it needs to accommodate. However, a common starting point for a small conference table is approximately 1.8m in length, comfortably seating 4 to 6 people for discussions and meetings.